Causes of knee pain and how to treat it naturally

Sometimes we suffer from knee pain, which is annoying to many, and it does not only affect the elderly, but also some young people. Learn about the causes of knee pain and ways to treat it at home.

Knee pain is a common and common condition among many people, it can occur due to short-term or long-term problems, if it is in short-term the condition does not need doctors intervention and it can be cured by home natural remedies, and most cases of front knee pain These are the injuries caused by excessive physical activity, The amount of pain may vary from one person to another, and its causes may vary, as treatment methods vary, there are those who depend on natural remedies through the diet, and there are those who prefer exercise, and others are treated with painkillers, but in case of knee pain caused by injuries like Hawa Roads and others should be visited in this case The doctor, and here we learn about the most important causes of knee pain and how to treat it naturally.

Causes of knee pain

1- Bone fragility

Bone fragility is the most common cause of long-term knee pain, mostly elderly injuries, and symptoms of the disease in bone loss and exposure to loose bone, due to a fundamental lower calcium rate.

2 – Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis causes swelling in the knee, cough in the joints to become red, warm and swollen, and pain is worse in the early morning than the rest of the day.

3 – Injury with the Twist

Knee twists are a result of unusual stress and activity that lead to knee pain that is often difficult to bear.

4 – The Stringe

Cough is a disease that causes sudden shots of acute knee pain with redness and swelling, and negatively affects the rest of the joints.

Methods of treating knee pain naturally

1 – Exercise

Exercise helps slow down the development of bone fragility, as well as physical activity is very important for the natural health of the carcass tissue, and exercise helps strengthen the body’s support to the joints, and strengthen the leg muscles, and water sports are also beneficial for the suffering of joint pain.

One of the top exercises that help treat knee pain is lifting the leg straight while sitting or lying down, as well as putting one leg on the next step and then bending, with the exercise repeated a few times.

2 – Follow a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet helps to maintain a healthy weight, also those with obesity and weight gain are more prone to knee pain, with joint pregnancy increased due to weight gain, weight loss causes long-term knee pain, and reduces pain Osteoarthritis, that’s why you should be careful On to eating healthy.

3 – Massage

Massage helps relieve knee pain, done by directing the knees forward, keeping in mind the ground level, closing hands and clicking 10 times on the thigh from the top, bottom and middle of both hands, repeating 3 times.

Sit on the ground while maintaining a flat foot position on the ground, put the heel of the hand “follow the thumb” on the upper part of the thigh, then slide with the hand to the knee, then lift your hand, and repeat the procedure 5 times on each side of the thigh, whether internal or external.

Press four fingers into the knee tissue, move it up and down 5 times, repeating throughout the knee, then place the palm on the upper thigh, and slide it down the lower thigh and above the knee.

4 – Natural oils

Natural oils help to reduce knee pain, therefore it is recommended to massage using ginger oil, or sesame oil, where the oils help prevent bone fragility, and get rid of pain, and can also be used mirrors containing cinnamon, ginger and sesame oil, which have a The role of oils on the knee.

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