Pierre-Luc Dubois: a Jacob Trouba-style trade to get him out of Winnipeg?

The Pierre-Luc Dubois saga has been attracting a lot of attention for several weeks now, and unless there is a major development in this file, this saga will continue to attract as much attention.

However, things have calmed down a bit in this case since the Quebec center signed its one-year qualifying offer worth $6M with the Winnipeg Jets.

In addition, all the rumors sending Dubois to Montreal this summer were a little packed when the number 80 of the Jets spoke to the media.

Dubois had said that yes, playing for the Canadiens would be interesting, but that he is currently a Jets player and is focusing on the next season.

The fact remains that the Quebecer does not want to sign a long-term agreement with the Jets.

Well, as Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu recalled during their July 19 podcast for “Le Support Athlétique”, this isn’t the first time a player hasn’t wanted to sign long-term in Winnipeg. .

Indeed, the saga that comes closest to that of Dubois is that of Jacob Trouba.

(Credit: Screenshot Postgame

Let’s ignore here all the other sagas in the same style that took place in Winnipeg (including Evander Kane, Dustin Byfuglien, etc.).

In the podcast, Godin and Basu explain that like Trouba, Dubois told the Jets he didn’t want to sign long-term with them until he became a free agent.

In Trouba’s case, he still had one year left as a restricted free agent (RFA) when he asked to be traded.

It was later the New York Rangers who acquired him by trading young defenseman Neal Pionk and a first-round pick in 2019.

With this choice, the Jets have drafted defenseman Ville Heinola, a Finn who still remains a possible important element of the future of the Jets on the blue line.

In Pionk’s case, he’s a solid top-4 defenseman who’s been doing the Jets great favors since the trade.

To come back to Dubois, who is currently in the same situation as Trouba, the Quebecer is a player who has been of great interest to the Montreal Canadiens, and has been for several seasons now.

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With the rumors of recent weeks, what would be the price to pay by CH based on the exchange of Jacob Trouba?

First, it is important to specify that Dubois has a greater value than Trouba at the time.

Clearly a first-round pick should be involved like in the trade sending Trouba to New York.

Next, a young defenseman who was increasingly establishing himself in the NHL like Pionk at the time.

Which player could CH give? Alexander Romanov is the defender who best meets Pionk’s criteria, but unfortunately he has already been traded, and this, for Kirby Dach.

So the CH should give a defender hope instead.

A Jordan Harris for example.

To bridge the value gap between Trouba and Dubois, an established NHL forward in his mid-20s might fit the bill.

I am thinking here of a Christian Dvorak or a Josh Anderson.

In summary, does Dvorak OR Anderson, Jordan Harris plus a protected first-round pick (Florida’s) for Pierre-Luc Dubois sound fair to both teams as well as realistic?

It’s hard to know right now.

What is certain is that as Basu and Godin said in their podcast that I relay to you here, waiting for Dubois to become a free agent in two seasons is a big risk.

Dubois’ value may have increased significantly in terms of money.

It’s a risk Rangers didn’t want to take in Trouba’s case and so they paid to avoid that risk.

The Rangers then signed Trouba for seven years at $8 million a year.

In short, the Dubois file remains to be monitored again and again.

A lot of

– Completely deserved.

– It’s over between Adidas and the NHL.

– Will Jeff Skinner have a good season?

– Indeed.

– Wow.

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