Andy Strickland thinks Jonathan Huberdeau is asking for eight years and $72 million

Unless you’ve spent the last four days in a cave, you know Jonathan Huberdeau moved to the Calgary Flames and Matthew Tkachuk is going to Florida.

There is only one season left on the Quebecer’s contract, which will pocket $5.9 million. The risk that the Flames will lose him for nothing, as was the case recently for Johnny Gaudreau, is therefore real. However, the Saint-Jérôme native spoke to the media yesterday and said he was open to the idea of ​​staying in Alberta.

On their most recent podcast, journalist Andy Strickland and former badass Cam Janssen discussed this monster deal.

Strickland explained that the Panthers were not ready to pay Huberdeau as much as the latter wanted and that they preferred to invest that money in Tkachuk, a younger player. Today, Quebeckers may be better than Americans, but that won’t necessarily be the case in two or three years.

Then, the reporter assigned to cover the Blues added this:

Huberdeau is probably asking for an eight-year contract worth $9 million a year. As a player receiving Hart Trophy votes, that’s what he should demand, but personally I’d rather have Tkachuk, who’s only 24 years old.

With 346 points in 286 games over the past four seasons, Huberdeau has been one of the most underpaid players in the NHL in recent years. He is possibly one of the ten best forwards in the league.

It is not for nothing that he finished fifth in the polling for the Hart this year and 13th in the previous one.

As Striclkand mentions, it’s only fitting that he’s so greedy in his salary demands. However, the choice of the Panthers is understandable.

Huberdeau will be 30 when his contract expires next summer. If he signs an eight-year contract, he will therefore be 38 when the new contract ends.

Paying that much to a player approaching his late thirties is always a risky approach. It is very likely that by then, its production will decrease.

Except that after the departures of Gaudreau and Tkachuk, the Flames will certainly not want to lose the services of another star player for nothing. It’s a safe bet that Calgary will indeed offer an agreement of this caliber to the Quebecer.

But will he really want to spend the rest of his career in Alberta?

Unless he’s traded before July 2023, the Flames are the only organization that can give him an eight-year deal, which gives them some edge.

Except that it shouldn’t be a surprise either if the winger decides to sign elsewhere for seven years. After playing for ten years in Sunrise, the culture shock is likely to be strong in Alberta, especially due to the heavy media presence and pressure from fans.

If he does become a free agent next year, the interest will be huge for him and he will be spoiled for choice. He could then return to a more peaceful market, or, both to experience the difficulties of a Canadian market, line up for the team of his childhood, the Habs.

A lot of

– So it looks like the NHL won’t change the way the draft is played (for now).

– Interesting.

– Shame.

– In Mihailovic’s shadow, he certainly deserves more recognition for the team’s MVP award.

– To listen!

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