Payroll: Jeff Petry only preceded by Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh

For months we have heard the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, affirm that Jeff Petry will be traded when it is beneficial to the Habs.

Well, the long-awaited event finally materialized: Jeff Petry was traded, and this to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

For those who haven’t seen it, Petry made a thank you post on her Instagram page.

I leave you the link to its publication here.

The American defender will therefore join the Penguins for the next season and surely for the rest of his contract, which is three seasons.

This contract, which Kent Hughes has been trying to release for a very long time, now counts on the Penguins’ payroll.

It is therefore $6.25M per year for another three seasons that will take up space on the payroll of Ron Hextall and his team.

Well can you imagine that Petry’s contract is the second contract that takes up the most space on the Penguins’ payroll, only behind that of Sidney Crosby.

Indeed, with its annual $6.25M, Petry is ahead of Kristopher Letang ($6.1M), Evgeni Malkin ($6.1M) and Jake Guentzel ($6M).

Will this be well received in Pittsburgh among both fans and players in the locker room?

The question is valid.

We remember that both Kristopher Letang and Evgeni Malkin accepted a discount for their next contract in order to stay in Pittsburgh.

However, I don’t think seeing the Penguins paying a new player who hasn’t played a single game with the team pocketing more money in terms of payroll is very pleasant for Letang and Malkin.

Granted, Letang will surely move on, but what about Malkin who was practically begged by Sidney Crosby to stay with the Penguins at less than he would have gotten on the free agent market? ?

We must also not forget that Mike Matheson, the player traded for Petry, was very well liked in the locker room.

Indeed, we know that according to what Kent Hughes said yesterday, Letang was quite sad and disappointed to see Mike Matheson leave the Penguins.

In short, to see a new player arrive in the team and already earn more than two of the three stars of the team can seem quite bizarre for the players and the fans.

As an example, we can take that of Josh Anderson who arrived at the Habs when Brendan Gallagher was considered one of the best players on the team.

Gallagher had received a contract worth $6.5M per year while Anderson had received a contract worth $5.5M per year.

You’re going to tell me the Penguins didn’t negotiate Petry’s contract, and you’re right.

However, it must be understood that Letang and Malkin must be wondering why they did not receive more money instead of it (this money) being dumped on a player obtained via trade.

In short, it’s an exchange that could prove to be positive for the Penguins, but the fact remains that it remains a rather special situation.

The Penguins let go of a young defenseman (25 years old) in John Marino and his five-year contract worth $4.4M per year to acquire a 34-year-old defenseman who will earn $6.25M for another three seasons.

Ron Hextall now has just $1,969,825 million in salary cap space, and he has yet to sign Kasperi Kapanen who is eligible for arbitration this summer.

In short, it is clear that the best is not yet to come for the Penguins.

The irony in all of this is that Jeff Petry and Kris Letang will play for the same team in Pittsburgh, while many fans believed Letang would be Petry’s replacement in Montreal.

A lot of

– Poehling’s performance in Pittsburgh will be one to watch.

– Will we see CF Montreal in the playoffs this year?

– That’s trust.

– Verlander climbs a few rungs.

– What a performance.

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