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The Le Concert bleu digital platform will be tested this fall with Quebec artists and organizations. (Photo: Courtesy of Festival Classica)

The Le Concert bleu site, whose development was launched in July 2020, will be tested this fall, and will therefore be tested by local artists and organizations.

The digital platform is intended to broadcast musical content, in particular classical music concerts via webcast. The mandate was given to the Festival Classica, which received financial assistance of $800,000 under the program Other specific interventions in culture and communications of the Ministry of Culture and Communications. To date, the sums invested in this project are $2.3 million.

“Le Concert bleu’s mission is to deploy a digital platform for the dissemination and influence of classical music from Quebec nationally and internationally by offering innovative and generous monetization for the Quebec cultural community”, underlines Mark Bouchergeneral and artistic director of the Festival.

Remember that following the multiple closings of venues and cancellations of shows after the start of the pandemic, Mark Boucher had this idea of ​​creating a digital distribution platform for the classical music community. Beyond the webcast serving to compensate for indoor concerts, it is also a question of broadening the cultural offer for regions outside the big cities, which do not have the same access to concerts. This new Quebec showcase for classical music will be developed in collaboration with the Quebec digital transformation firm ellicom/LCI LX.

“The objective is really to create a link between Quebec musicians and the public. It will be a showcase for local talent, reserved for classical music,” said Marc Boucher at the time.

For now, a site is already online and is mainly used to explain the different facets of the project. In particular, it states that ” The platform’s virtual options will offer an immersive and multisensory experience: catalogue, live or deferred concerts, media library, discussion room, interactive room to explore in 360°, behind the scenes of the concert, 360° concert segments, musical meditation, master classes, meetings with artists, recording and integration of conferences and interviews. »


This is a technologically complex project, and a challenge in terms of discoverability, that is to say, the potential and the capacity, for web content, to be found and to capture the attention of the users it targets through an ocean of information. Indeed, it is not enough to create quality content to ensure that it will be seen and heard. In addition to being in competition with each other, Québec cultural content online is in competition with all other types of content, whether on social media, news sites and giant platforms. like Netflix.

Various players in the digital world are therefore involved, including Meta D, a research and training company on digital culture issues, and Synapse C, a company supporting the development of arts and culture data in Quebec and Canada.

In addition, to ensure the acceptability and support of the music community, a working committee has been formed to meet the needs of digital distribution and fair monetization, specifies the press release issued by the Classica Festival.

This committee participated in the development of the Concert Bleu business plan to ensure that the project is unifying and relevant for Quebec artists. To this end, a preliminary consultation of certain members of the Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM) made it possible to identify the issues and priorities specific to them.

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