Pierre-Luc Dubois claims that the words of his agent (linking him to CH) were exaggerated

After Jonathan Huberdeau earlier today, it was the turn of Pierre-Luc Dubois to address the media, he who signed his qualifying offer last Friday.

In addition to several members of the Winnipeg media, several Montreal media were present during the call Zoom to speak to Dubois due to his reported interest in the CH in recent weeks. During his press briefing, however, the striker took the time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Here is, in general, what to remember from this press briefing:

1. Unsurprisingly, Dubois was questioned about the words of Pat Brisson (his agent) who linked him to the Canadian. Brisson had said his agent was open to playing in Montreal, and some have since said it was downright the only place he wanted to play.

In response to these questions, Dubois claimed that Brisson’s comments had been exaggerated.

PLD has never denied that he has an interest in Montreal (he hasn’t confirmed it either, but being under contract with the Jets now, it makes sense), but he feels that at volume, everything it took on disproportionate proportions.

2. Dubois also wanted to make things clear: he never asked the Jets for a trade, either formally or informally. He’s focused on the 2022-23 season, where he wants to help the Jets get back to the playoffs.

No, he never thought of voluntarily absenting himself to force the Jets to trade him. And that is logical.

However, Dubois claimed he was not ready to sign for the long term. He explains this by saying that he has changed a lot in the last few years and that he wants to take all the time necessary not to regret a possible long-term contract.

As he says, he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t know yet what he’s going to have for dinner tonight. He therefore wants to take his time before deciding on a 7-8 year contract.

3. As for the reported information that maintained that Dubois was present at the draft because he expected to be traded to CH, Dubois also denied these. He confirms that he was present, but he notes that he was there as a supporter (he had been invited by his bank to a box) and that he did not expect to be traded that evening.

And since he lives 10-15 minutes from the Bell Centre, he didn’t have to travel very far to get there. The decision was simple for him, then.

4. In response to a question, Dubois talked about his closeness to David Savard, which was one of the reasons he considered continuing his career in Columbus before finally asking for a trade. He clearly sees the CH defender as a big brother to him and they seem to have a good relationship.

Don’t take this out of context: I’m just reporting his words.

In short, Dubois wanted to give his version of the facts. He seemed amused by all the questions surrounding the rumors sending him to Montreal, but on several occasions he seemed to beat around the bush during his answers. I let you make your own opinion of the thing (and if you want to listen to the press briefing, I give it to you HERE).

To be continued, then.

A lot of

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