Joshua Roy, Riley Kidney and Owen Beck were invited to the ECJ Development Camp

Now that the 2022 National Hockey League draft and development camp are behind us, the next step for the Montreal Canadiens’ top prospects is the World Junior Hockey Championship.

We all remember that this tournament, so interesting to follow, was canceled last year due to COVID-19.

This had put an end to the dreams of many young players who were passionate about hockey.

Fortunately, this tournament will be resumed from August 9 to 21. The best hopes of each country will be there as usual.

Since we are less than a month away from this tournament, some teams have already started holding development camps.

Indeed, Junior Team Canada has unveiled the list of players who have been invited to this development camp.

In this guest list, there are three Habs prospects: Joshua Roy, Riley Kidney and Owen Beck.

These three hopefuls from the CH will therefore have the chance to stand out in order to perhaps obtain a place in the official team which will participate in the tournament in early August.

Indeed, these invitations do not automatically integrate these hopefuls into the official team of ECJ. So don’t think that Roy, Kidney and Beck will be in the tournament.

They have chances, but it is not certain that they will participate.

In Joshua Roy’s case, he had made it all the way to the gates of the World Junior Championship, but he had unfortunately been part of the last cut.

Speaking of the tournament that had been canceled, the CH had three hopefuls in Red Deer. Kaiden Guhle with Canada, Jan Mysak with the Czech Republic and Oliver Kapanen with Finland.

This time, for the resumption of the tournament, the Habs could count even more hopes for this tournament.

Indeed, the three hopefuls who were there about a year ago should surely be there again.

Although in the case of Guhle, it is not certain. He has played a lot of hockey this year, and maybe this tournament will be too much if he wants to be able to give his best at the CH training camp in September. It may be that Kent Hughes offers Guhle not to go to focus on the NHL.

However, I would be surprised if the captain of ECJ is not there. The fact remains that the hope of the CH is currently injured, which could compromise his presence in the world junior championship.

To be continued.

For the other countries, Jan Mysak should again be the captain of the Czech Republic.

Where it will be even more interesting for CH supporters is in the Slovakia team.

Normally, the Habs’ two recent first-round picks, Juraj Slafkovsky and Filip Mesar, should represent Slovakia.

However, Kent Hughes said at the end of his recent press conference via Zoom that Slafkovsky would be back in Montreal in early August to prepare for the CH training camp.

The problem is that the world junior hockey championship takes place from August 9 to 21.

So either Hughes let it be known that he’s not going to let Slafkovsky go to the tournament, or he was just wrong.

This will be to follow.

There are surely still a few CH hopefuls that I have not named who will have their chance to be part of this tournament.

In short, it will really be an event not to be missed to observe the various hopes of the Habs.

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