Playstation Plus: an Extra offer tailored for lovers of the beautiful game

Merger of the old PS Plus and PS Now, the new PlayStation Plus settled in France on June 23, 2022. New formulas, enriched catalog: the Japanese manufacturer and publisher has pulled out all the stops to please players and players.

You just treated yourself to one of the few PS5s in circulation, you’ve already wrung out Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring and you don’t know what to play anymore? Do not panic, Sony has given a second life to its Playstation Plus service, with a richer catalog in games and above all three formulas to meet all the expectations of players.

What is Playstation Plus?

Available from the PS3, PlayStation Plus is an essential subscription to take advantage of your console. Essential for playing online, this subscription also allows you to get some games for free.

Since June 23, Playstation Plus has merged with PS Now, a streaming game service, in order to get a facelift and offer players a better choice in terms of entertainment. A paid service which now comes in three formulas, each with its own advantages, and of which the Extra version is the most interesting.

A teeming toy library

We subscribe above all to an online gaming service for the quality of its library of games. A dimension on which Sony has not skimped since the Playstation Plus catalog contains more than 700 games.

Fan of Norse mythology? Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Where god of war are part of it. Do you like wide open spaces? Red Dead Redemption 2 and death stranding allow you to stroll for hours. Prefer a real challenge? Bloodborne and Demons Souls will quickly raise your blood pressure.

A toy library provided // Source: Capture PS5

Of course, AAA games are not the only ones to find a place in Sony’s catalog since a myriad of indie titles are also available. And goodies on top of that, like Hollow Knighttouching it Celestial or gore Blasphemous.

Absent from the first level of the subscription, the catalog of games is only available from the Extra formula. That said, subscribers to Playstation Plus Essential are not left out as they have access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, an option that allows you to play some PS4 classics on the PS5 for free.

A clear interface

Enjoying an avalanche of games is good, but you still have to find your way around. Suddenly, Sony has split a readable interface for its Playstation Plus. The tiles and icons are large enough to be clearly visible.

You can easily see which options you have access to based on your subscription.

The new PlayStation Plus
Filters to navigate // Source: Capture PS5

The “Games” tab located at the top of the screen gives you access to the entire catalog and especially to several filters so as not to get lost in the maze of the toy library.

A section “According to your game” also appears to advise you on titles based on the latest games you have launched.

Benefits galore

In addition to many games, the Playstation Plus gives access to lots of little advantages. Starting with being able to play multiplayer games online or that require an Internet connection.

Another good point, taking advantage of discounts on a wide selection of games. Not to mention the games offered every month, such as God of War, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl in June.

Finally, you also have access to 100 GB of cloud storage, in order to install many indie games there, for example, and thus leave the internal SSD to AAA games, which consume more resources.

What about Playstation Plus Premium?

The most expensive formula of Playstation Plus is also the one we have tried in our columns. In addition to all the previous options, this package includes a selection of streaming games, which can be launched from any PS4 or PS5, and even from a PC thanks to the dedicated application.

Essential Extra Premium
Games offered each month Essential Extra Premium
Online Multiplayer Essential Extra Premium
Discounts Essential Extra Premium
cloud storage Essential Extra Premium
PS Plus collection Essential Extra Premium
Games catalog Essential Extra Premium
Catalog of classics Essential Extra Premium
Demos Essential Extra Premium
Streaming Games Essential Extra Premium
monthly price Essential€8.99 Extra€13.99 Premium€16.99
Annual price Essential€59.99 Extra€99.99 Premium€119.99

Added to this are game demos, to try out certain titles in advance before buying them. Nostalgics will also be able to recall good memories with the help of the “Classics Catalog” which includes games from the PS1, PS2 and PS3.

The Extra formula: the best value for money

Both for new purchasers of a PS5 and for enthusiasts who want to multiply video game experiences, the Playstation Plus Extra formula is the most logical choice.

It gives access to more than 700 games, enough to have fun for thousands of hours, for a price below 15 euros since it is offered at 13.99 euros per month.

The Essential package is the most accessible with a monthly rate set at 8.99 euros. For its part, the Premium subscription which is full of options is sold for 16.99 euros per month.

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