In the medium term, the CH will no longer have any real problem keeping its American players

For two years, it has been said that the pandemic will negatively affect Canadian teams since players from the United States (mainly) will want to avoid playing in Canada for the future. The current seventh wave does nothing to help.

And there, we see the Flames who have seen their two American stars (Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk)… and we say to ourselves that this may be the start of a nasty trend for the clubs here.

On that subject, John Scott added fuel to the fire last week by saying what the Flames are going through is just a glimpse of what awaits the Maple Leafs in a few years.

Hard to believe his comment wasn’t aimed at Auston Matthews.

Inevitably, this made me wonder about the Canadian. Could this cause the club to lose players who want to leave in the coming years?

The answer is that it has already affected the Canadiens.

Jeff Petry and Ryan Poehling, two players who no longer wanted to be in Montreal, left for Pittsburgh. Xavier Ouellet, whose wife – American – did not want to stay in Quebec, also left for Pittsburgh. These are just a few examples.

My colleague Maxime Truman made an excellent piece of it last week.

But that should be the end. Why? Because the Americans who are staying at the moment are more likely to stay with the Flannel than those who have left in the last few weeks.

When we look at the projected alignment of the Canadian, there are few Americans left and we can believe that the majority of them (by a simple game of deduction) will want or will have to stay in Montreal.

  • Cole Caufield seems to like Montreal, he is a few years away from independence and he spends part of his summer in town.
  • Jordan Harris could have signed elsewhere as a free agent this summer, but he chose to stay with the club that drafted him.
  • Chris Wideman gave up autonomy to stay in Montreal for two years at minimum wage.
  • Christian Dvorak is still there…

Christian Dvorak is possibly the exception that proves the rule. That being said, in all honesty, if he leaves at the right price, I don’t think Montreal will mourn his departure, will they? So it’s not a “problem” like Jeff Petry could be.

Otherwise, for the others, we can think that in a few years, we will have come out of the pandemic more frankly and that it will be less of a factor for a Canadian who will ideally aim for top honors.

But right now, I have the feeling that the CH want/need to do a bit like the Sabers when they traded Jack Eichel: go get guys who are happy to play for their new club – and who have a family who wants follow.

Remember that Alex Tuch is probably the only person in the world who wanted to leave Vegas for the city of Buffalo…

Obviously, it is normal for Tuch to be happy, he who comes from Buffalo, but we have to ask ourselves the question: does the pandemic lead to a need to bring back local players? Are some guys feeling the need to get closer to home more and more?

In Montreal, with the very talented Quebecers (Pierre-Luc Dubois and Jonathan Huberdeau) who seem to want to play for the Canadiens one day and who are currently making Quebec dream, we can wonder if… Oh and you know where I’m going with my skis.

I don’t think there is a connection between the pandemic and the desire of the two boys to potentially land in town one day. But it’s a bit in the spirit of taking players who want to be in town and play for the Canadiens, as Chris Wideman and Jordan Harris have done in recent months.

And if it’s talented Quebecers who want to sign in town, that’s even better.

A lot of

– The file is to follow.

– I can not wait to see the result.

– It seems like an eternity.

“Well done by the Kraken.

– It’s weird, indeed.

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