The PS5 receives a long-awaited graphics update, two years after its release

Two years after its release, the PS5 is finally getting 1440p support and lining up with the Xbox. We reveal how to get this update before anyone else.

San Mateo, USA – The PS5 has been around since November 2020, which is almost two years. Gamers have been lamenting the lack of important features for just as long. Sony finally offers an update which notably brings support for 1440p, which is especially the delight of players equipped with screens. Unfortunately, not everyone can test the new firmware yet. However, we explain how to become a selected beta tester and what are the desired features that will finally be available on the PS5.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Kind Fixed game console
Generation 09th console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Exit November 19, 2020

PS5: new firmware finally makes Sony’s console as good as Xbox – Gamers have been waiting for this for 2 years

This is what PS5 players want: Since its launch in 2020, the PS5 supports various image and video output formats. Full HD, 4K, it’s all there. But what’s missing – and has been heavily criticized – is 1440p support. The pleas have been heard, as the PS5 finally supports 1400p resolution, also known as WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition).

Here’s why 1440p is so important:

  • 1440p/WQHD offers much better resolution than Full-HD
  • In pixel terms, that means: 2560×1440 versus 1920×1080 – your eyes will thank you for the sharper, crisper image.
  • WQHD is mostly used for gaming monitors because 4K monitors with fast response times are still too expensive for most people.
  • Many PS5 users therefore already have a 1440p screen on their console, but that can only spit out FULL-HD due to the lack of support.
  • Competing console Xbox Series X already supports 1440p, so it’s about time the PS5 followed suit.

Thanks to a game screen, we have a drastically shorter reaction time (often 1 millisecond). The image therefore passes more quickly from the PS5 to your screen. While big TVs tout 4k, they often take longer to render that great picture. In faster game mode, many optical marvels lose sharpness.

Anyone who wants to enjoy God of War Ragnarök in all its glory, comfortably seated in front of his large television, will hardly be able to do without 1400p. But whoever indulges in wild games in Modern Warfare 2 or who wants to take advantage in Fortnite, celebrates WQHD support. Because here, every fraction of a second counts. Competitive gamers who want to get the most out of their PS5 and have a fast WQHD display should therefore look forward to this new feature. In short: Whoever sees the enemy first due to its faster screen/monitor, shoots first.

6 new fetaurs for PS5 in the beta update

When will the update be available? So far, only beta testers can take advantage of WHQD monitors on the PS5. All features of the update have been live since July 28, 2022, for a select circle of players. But it is possible to quickly become a beta tester yourself at Sony.

Sony hasn’t revealed a specific date for the new firmware that brings 1440p support and other updates. On the PlayStation Blog, July 28, we can officially read only ” but our goal is to make these updates available to our global community before the end of the year.“.

These features are coming soon: In addition to the long-awaited 1440p support, Sony has announced other features that will be added to the PS5:

  • Game Lists: Simply create lists in the library to find games faster. For example, a list for shooters with CoD and Fortnite or an additional list for party games. You can create up to 15 such categories, with up to 100 titles.
  • 3D audio and stereo audio compareHow do you prefer the sound of your favorite game? That’s what the new update lets you listen to comfortably side-by-side.
  • Access to current activities is simplifiedWhen the console is in sleep mode or you’re switching between games or watching Netflix and the like, you can return to certain activities faster and more clearly.
  • Party member screen sharingYour friends can easily see what you’re up to.
  • Social FeaturesNew functions make it possible, for example, to send sickers / voice messages to the game base or to directly join the game of a party member.
1440 WQHD on the PS5

Gamers can therefore still look forward to this update in 2022. New features, such as WQHD support, may already appear in the next firmware title update. Traditionally, users do not have to wait too long for the implementation of beta testing.

Become a beta tester for the PS5 yourself and get new updates sooner

How to test new firmware before everyone else: If you’re thinking, “I also want to test out the latest cool PS5 features,” you’re in luck. It is very easy to register with Sony. The only problem is that we are randomly chosen from a pot with other beta testers.

  • Sign up for the PS5 system software beta program here

Once registered, you will be permanently drawn. With a bit of luck, you will therefore be able to test the 1440p on the PS5. In the future, you will have the chance to try other features before everyone else.

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