More and more players are dissociating themselves from the sex scandal linked to the 2018 Junior Team Canada

the One of the sex scandals involving Hockey Canada – dating back to 2018 – is likely to be talked about more since two three days than it did at the beginning of July when it was released. Why ? Because we have learned disturbing details in the past few hours… and the list of players potentially involved is shrinking and seems to be taking shape all alone.

the Globe and Mail first published earlier this week the content of exchanges texting which took place the day after the June 2018 event. According to the exchanges obtained by the Globe and Mail – and whatever reported by the Journal de Montreal on Tuesday morning, the young woman is first asked if she had gone to see the police.

The young woman then replied that she had discussed the events with her mother and that the latter had informed the authorities.

“You said you had fun. » – Unidentified player

“I was really drunk, I didn’t feel well at all afterwards. But I’m not trying to cause anyone trouble. I agreed to go home with you, I didn’t expect to see everyone afterwards. I just felt like I was being laughed at and taken advantage of.” – Alleged victim

“You need to talk to your mother right away and sort things out with the police before it gets too far.” It’s a serious matter that she misrepresents and could have significant implications for a lot of people, including you. – Unidentified player

“I told them I wouldn’t go any further and that was a mistake. You should be correct now, so hopefully nothing more will come of it. – alleged victim

Remember that according to the versions circulating – officially and unofficially – a young Canadian hockey player had sex with a young woman in an Ontario hotel in June 2018 – after an event bringing together members of theJunior Team Canada 2018 -, before inviting seven other players to participate in sexual activities. According to the victim’s version, she would have liked to leave the room, but she would have been unable to do so. She says she was scared and cried.

“According to the lawsuit, the players ordered him to fondle their genitals and perform oral sex on them. The players also allegedly rode the complainant while placing their genitals on her face, they allegedly slapped the complainant on her buttocks, spat on her, ejaculated inside and on her, had vaginal intercourse with her, prevented her from leaving the room as she tried to run away from it […] At times the complainant would cry and attempt to leave the room but was directed, manipulated and intimidated into staying, after which she was sexually assaulted further. – allegations in court

A player would have even filmed “ his consent” twice during the night, before and after the sexual activities where, however, there was no real consent according to the victim. Why do such a thing if you have nothing to reproach yourself with and everything was okay?

It was the lawyers of seven anonymous players who provided the texting to Globe and Mail. Hockey Canada would have paid between three and four million dollars – via a fund dedicated to this sort of thing – in order to convince the alleged victim not to speak publicly. London police did not lay charges at the time.

The Government of Canada and some sponsors withdrew their funding to Hockey Canada, which subsequently decided to reopen its investigation (in which all players should be asked to participate, contrary to the first). Remember that according to senior Hockey Canada officials, the organization would have settled events of this kind in the same way every year or so. Unbelievable!

Will these leaders lose their jobs?

According to official court documents (and as reported by Kent Campbell), eight players participated in this alleged assault: 3 born in 1999 and 5 born in 1998. They would all be players who were playing in the CHL at that time. their career.

Several players in formationJunior Team Canada 2018 have dissociated themselves from events over the past few days and weeks. The colleague Marco Normandin has also gathered all the information available in order to come up with some interesting lists.

Cale Makar, Victor Mete, Dane Fabbro, Jonah Gadjovich, Colton Point, Cal Foote and Kale Clague claimed that they did not participate in this evening. Or they just weren’t playing in the CHL that season.

Conor Timmins, Robert Thomas, Jordan Kyrou, Taylor Raddysh, Sam Steel, Brett Howden and Maxime Comtois all publicly declared having nothing to do with the alleged events and/or not having participated directly or indirectly in the events.

Dillon Dube, Jake Bean and Carter Hart have indicated – themselves or through their lawyer or their agent – ​​that they did not commit any reprehensible acts that evening.

Drake Batherson, Boris Katchouk, Alex Formenton, Michael McLeod and Tyler Steenbergen have not, to my knowledge, commented on the allegations of sexual assault affecting this cohort of Hockey Canada. If they have nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite possible that they decide to publish something in the next few hours or days.

Note that Batherson and Formenton are both Ottawa Senators players…and that raises concerns in Ottawa.

22 players (U20) played at least one game in a Canadian uniform during the 2018 tournament. Three were born in 1999 (Comtois, Formenton and Thomas) and the others in 1998.

Attention ! Some players involved in this scandal could theoretically be players who played in the CHL that year, but not for Junior Team Canada. In addition, some players claiming to have nothing to reproach themselves for or to have acted in a decent way could lie, play on words or misinterpret the common moral code, you know. Prisons are full of innocents, a good friend reminded me last night in the car.

And stories unfortunately often have two sides. Talk to the two journalists from La Presse who wrote today’s story…

At the same time, we must not accuse just anyone just to have a target or a culprit. Every person has the right to the presumption of innocence, let’s not forget that.

Let’s say all the same that tweet four years ago looks a little worse today. Not badly worse! the culture must change and our mentalities must continue to evolve. In hockey, as in our society.

(Credit: Twitter/screenshot)

A lot of

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