Carey Price would hesitate between staying in Montreal or trying to win a Stanley Cup elsewhere

There are now less than three months left before the start of the next season with the Canadian. Kent Hughes’ job is clearly not done, he has yet to come to terms with Kirby Dach (restricted free agent) and, in an ideal world, free up some salary, but the team shouldn’t drastically change by the start of the next season.

Unless a transaction bringing Pierre-Luc Dubois to town materializes, of course.

But even if we approach the start of the next campaign quietly, the case of Carey Price continues to be quite uncertain. It is still unclear if the goalkeeper will be able to play next year or if he will be forced to retire, which complicates things for CH.

$10.5M that can’t be spent elsewhere, Jake Allen that can’t be traded, etc. : these are aspects that are completely linked to the uncertainty surrounding Price.

However, Stéphane Waite (who claims to speak to #31 on a regular basis) said this morning on the airwaves of TSN 690 that he thinks Price will be ready in September (for training camp) and that he still has a lot good hockey in the body.

Obviously, having an idea about the state of health is a good one so that the CH can know what to expect, but remember that these are almost exactly the same words that had been used by Waite l summer in view of the last season. And as we know today, it took until April to see Price play a game.

However, Waite was asked about another interesting point during his interview, when he was asked if he thinks Price could be tempted to leave to try to win a Stanley Cup in another uniform.

According to the former goalkeeper coach of the Canadian, Price would hesitate greatly between these two possibilities currently. He is very attached to the CH and the idea of ​​winning in Montreal, but if ever the opportunity to win a Cup elsewhere presents itself, he could be tempted.

We can understand Price, a seasoned veteran, wanting to add a Stanley Cup to the list of what he has accomplished during his career, and considering the reconstruction that has begun in Montreal, we can also understand him thinking about the idea of ​​leaving . The problem, though, is that Price may never have the opportunity to do so.

As we know, Price comes with a cap hit of $10.5 million for the next four years. That’s an astronomical sum, especially when you consider that most aspiring teams don’t have much room under the salary cap. Add to that his precarious state of health and I really wonder if a team will want to pick him up, even if the CH were to withhold 50% of his salary.

The only scenario where I see a team going for Price would probably involve the Canadiens getting a really bad contract, but maybe for a few less years. After all, there is reason to believe that Price will end up on the LTIR before the end of his contract, which means that his contract will no longer be such a big burden.

And again, I wouldn’t put any money on it.

Recall that Price underwent a plasma injection in his knee earlier this summer. The goalkeeper also claimed a few weeks ago that his body would probably not allow him to play 60 games in a season.

That said, if he is able to come back next year, he could the best assume about fifty starts, which means that there will be about thirty games where another goalkeeper will be in front of the CH net. In the event that the Canadian decides to trade Jake Allen to avoid a threesome in net, will he give Samuel Montembeault thirty starts?

Still a lot of unanswered questions, then.

A lot of

– Lane Hutson and Luke Tuch will be at the American (junior) team camp.

– They finally selected him in the seventh round.

– Indeed.

– Great news.

– We can understand them.

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