Juraj Slafkovsky is not expected to take part in the resumption of the world junior championships in August

It is already July 18, 2022. The World Championships junior 2022, which were postponed after only a few days last winter due to the Omicron variant and its uncertainty at the time, will resume in three weeks, on August 9. Recall : Finland, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, United States, Switzerland, Slovakia and Russia Latvia will face off against each other August 9-20 in Alberta. Will Connor Bedard – especially with the absence of several big guns who will instead be preparing for NHL camps and Matvei Michkov, who will not be able to participate in the event due to his nationality – still steal the show?

We’ll see.

Who will the Canadiens fan have the chance to watch as the organization’s prospect?

The more time passes, the closer we get to the fateful date… and the more we realize that many interesting prospects will not be in Edmonton to defend their nation.

Matej Deraj, a Slovak sports journalist specializing in hockey, has unveiled the list of players invited to Slovakia’s last camp… and neither Juraj Slafkovsky nor Filip Mesar is on it.

A few minutes later, Deraj confided that it was almost already certain that Slafkovsky would not participate in the summer tournament… and that the Canadian would have recommended to Mesar not to represent his country either. Maybe Mesar could still take part in the competition, but from what we understand, Slafkovsky simply won’t play. Shame !

No injury would be involved here. The Canadian would simply like to have Slafkovsky and Mesar 100% for their rookie camp in September. Since Slafkovsky has played a lot of hockey in 2021-22 and will have a real chance to start the year in Montreal after a long rookie camp and a tough real camp, that can be understood. Either way, the pressure on Slafkovsky’s shoulders would have been enormous, both from the side of the Slovak supporters and the fans from CH.

Slovakia (U20) will face Slovakia (U18) in a friendly match to prepare the U18s for the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup (July 31-August 6 in Alberta).

Note that Simon Nemec (Devils) is not on the list either. No, Slovakia won’t be as dangerous as it could have been this summer…

Remember that Juraj Slafkovsky returned to Europe after the summer development camp (and the signing of his first contract), but that he is expected in Montreal at the beginning of August to prepare for next season. Same thing for Filip Mesar, who will follow the instructions dictated by the Canadian (both for the CMJ and for the 2022-23 season?), it seems…

The CH would like REALLY see Slafkovsky (Montreal or Laval?) and Mesar (Laval or OHL?) play in North America in 2022-23.

With the info launched by Matej Deraj, it is debatable whether Kaiden Guhle will be able to captain Canada again next month. What is good for pup Slafkovsky and Mesar is also good for Kitty Guh, right? It would be a shame to see Guhle not be in Edmonton, but at the same time, we want to see him 100% this fall in Montreal (NHL), right? #Priority

Was it really a good idea to postpone this tournament in the middle of August?

Will Joshua Roy, Logan Mailloux or Riley Kidney be called in by TeamCanada ? Will other CH hopefuls take part in this competition?

Would if his shoulder was OK, Logan Mailloux could have been called by his country? Will Oliver Kapanen or Lane Hutson (young and frail on the other hand) be on their national team?

Without Guhle, Slafkovsky and Mesar, this tournament would/will take a little less important in the eyes of many Montreal fans. Hopefully they’ll have other hopefuls to follow.

Provided that the December edition is not identical or almost identical to that of August 2022. That would be very disappointing (and much less interesting).

A lot of

– The arrival of Johnny Gaudreau brings money to the Blue Jackets. #SeasonTickets

– Another Canadian prospect dissociates himself from what happened in 2018.

– The family of Ivan Fedotov thanks the people of the hockey world for their support.

– Good idea!

– Zlatan lives in Milan.

LOL! The guy knows immediately that he blundered…

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