Preventive vaccination against monkeypox in Nice: the answers to your questions

Doctor Pascal Pugliese and Isabelle Buchet, Deputy Director of Health at the Department of Alpes-Maritimes, detail the operation of CeGIDD and vaccination against monkey pox in Nice. (©CBL / News Nice)

The monkey pox vaccination center, within the CeGIDD, in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), has been open since mid-July 2022. For the time being, several dozen cases have been identified in the Alpes-Maritimes.

And since then, appointments have been difficult to obtain to hope to receive a dose of vaccine. Isabelle Buchet, deputy director of health at the Alpes-Maritimes Department, explains that demand is very high. “We plan and we can for the moment vaccinate 200 people per week”, she announces. 600 already are.

You are then told in which cases and how to get vaccinated against monkeypox, part of the premises of the CeGIDD Nice is entirely dedicated to.

Who can get vaccinated?

“The profile is established by the High Authority for Health (HAS) which gave the target population”, says Isabelle Buchet. About 4,000 people are targeted in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Doctor Pascal Pugliese, president of the French Society for the Fight against AIDS, specifies the recommendations made by the HAS. “We must communicate and make a preventive vaccine among men who have sex with other men who have multiple partners, among sex workers and professionals who work in establishments of conviviality (libertine clubs and other establishments of the type, editor’s note)”.

I’m not gay, am I immune?

No. “It is not a sexually transmitted disease. The reports favor transmission probably by close contact, but there have also been cases described of contacts of infection in the entourage, ”specifies the doctor.

“Currently, everyone can be affected. Even if the infection mainly affects men who have sex with other men”.

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How to make an appointment?

“To make an appointment, a Doctolib link is possible, otherwise there is a toll-free number. An agent responds by offering a time slot on the same day or another day,” explains Isabelle Buchet.

As the slots on Doctolib are updated when the doses arrive at the centre, it is rare to be able to make an appointment online. This is why the toll-free number is undoubtedly more practical: anyone who has called and has not been able to book a specific time will be called back as a priority as soon as new slots are released.

Green number from Monday to Friday: 0 805 56 06 66

How many doses will I have?

In the majority of cases, preventive vaccination against smallpox is done with a first dose and a booster dose after 28 days. Contact cases should at best be vaccinated between 4 and 15 days after exposure to the infection.

A single dose will be injected for people who have already been vaccinated against smallpox (people over 45), and three doses for immunocompromised people.

If I don’t live in Nice, is it possible to have an appointment?

Yes, and the CeGIDD expects to receive many tourists. “We are a global sexual health center, so we also have all the tourists who come for a consultation other than monkeypox. Attendance always tends to increase,” reports Isabelle Buchet.

According to the first figures, around 13% of people who went through the center to receive a dose of vaccine do not come from the Alpes-Maritimes.

What are the symptoms ?

“It can start with several forms: a fever, adenopathy (of the lymph nodes) and a particular eruption, which can be ulcerated. It looks a bit like chickenpox. These are lesions which are most of the time localized at the anal, genital or mouth level and which can extend over the whole of the skin, ”says Doctor Pugliese.

“These are also very painful lesions that can last between 15 days and three weeks”.

If I am sick, should I still get vaccinated?

“When you are sick, vaccination is no longer useful”, announces Doctor Pugliese. “You have to see your doctor, isolate yourself for three weeks and, if possible, do not exchange laundry, kitchen utensils with your partner…”

Are there other places to get vaccinated in Nice?

The CeGIDD is not the only vaccination center in Nice. The University Hospital Center also has vaccine doses, available through Doctolib.

The town hall of Nice has also opened a vaccination center at the corner of rue Saint-François-de-Paule and avenue Max-Gallo, on the edge of Old Nice and the Quai des Etats-Unis.

In this center, recently certified by the Regional Health Agency, the number of appointments possible per week has increased from 80 to 140.

Number to make an appointment in this center: 04 97 13 56 00

And outside of Nice?

The CeGIDDs in Grasse and Cannes already carry out preventive vaccination. Two other centers are opening or will open: in Antibes (since this Tuesday) and in Menton (from August 8).

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