Top 5 best sports game licenses in 2022

Sports games continue to be popular on consoles, largely since the arrival on the market of next-gen. The classics of the category have been able to adapt perfectly to the characteristics of the new machines, offering for the most part real developments as well as new game mechanics.

Thus, FIFA, 2K and other Madden continue to be among the best-selling games each year. These are also among the best rated games by the specialized press. As a general rule, such games attract players who appreciate their time-consuming modes (such as the famous career mode for example) when other more “traditional” ones do not necessarily adhere to the monotony that the latter offer, and find their pleasure somewhere else. There is something for everyone after all! The proof with our Top 5 best sports games of 2022.

The 5 Best Sports Games of 2022

Among the essential sports games in 2022, there are AAA titles but also some surprises from studios that had accustomed us to not much (hello Ubisoft). In any case, 2022 is a good year for sports video games and we’re not going to complain about it!

5.NHL 22

Far from being the most popular sports game in Western Europe (also because of a lack of interest in a sports discipline that is nevertheless queen on the other side of the Atlantic), NHL 22 nevertheless remains a great niche game! Let’s say it honestly, EA Sports pleasantly surprises us with NHL 22 because this next-gen game is clearly founding for the new generation. The integration on PS5 and Xbox Series is simply exceptional, the graphics are stunning, the physics very realistic! In short, we are close to the perfect hockey video game!

4.Riders Republic

Sometimes, even if it’s rare, Ubisoft likes to we surprise with new original creations that stand out. We had the demonstration of this with Riders Republic, a game released slightly before 2022 which is aimed at all lovers of high mountain sports and thrills. Pushed back Many timesthe new jewel of the Annecy studio has clearly been long overdue but the main thing is that today, aficionados are anything but disappointed: Riders Republic, developed somewhat in the same style as SSX 3 on PS2, is already setting itself up as the reference of the genre.

3.FIFA 22

FIFA has always contrasted with its main rivals, sometimes lacking a realism that is easily found in other football video games. Still, as a simulation game, FIFA remains a reference and attracts a large number of young players each year. The end of season release of the new FIFA game is always celebrated as an incredible event and football clubs even take part in the spectacle! Moreover, because of their involvement in the world of eSports, most European behemoths have their own teams in FIFA. As for FIFA 22, after several complicated years, EA Sports’ flagship opus has (finally) received very positive reviews, thanks in particular to the completely redesigned career mode, combined with an overhaul of Fifa Ultimate Team.

2.Football Manager 2022

If FIFA still appeals to console players, what about Football Manager, another flagship creation revolving around the round ball, but turned in a totally different direction since always since it emphasizes the management and tactical aspect. Football Manager, or FM, is indeed the game of lovers of sports simulations pushed to their climax. It is without even having to force that the new Football Manager is one of the best sports games of 2022: the players always embody a coach brilliantly and have access to a simply incredible database! The 2022 version also offers superior ergonomics to that of previous opuses. Yes, FM continues to be the ultimate sports management benchmark.

1. NBA 2K22

For several years, NBA 2K has overtaken FIFA in terms of popularity among gamers. This is probably explained by a gameplay that has long been easy to access and intuitive, which gave the game a head start, somehow. Moreover, the fame of American basketball is constantly growing in Europe, and NBA 2K, by the way, skillfully promotes it. The 2022 opus is in any case excellent on next-gen: the dribbling, shooting and dunking animations are more realistic than ever, the career mode has never been so exceptional, the new staff management in my GM brings lots of consistency, etc. NBA 2K22 is surely the best sports game of 2022.

Not sure which sports game to go for in 2022? We hope that this article has helped you a little, even if we admit that it is somewhat sparing of surprises! Like what, the best sports games of 2022 are really on the side of the big licenses. With that, to your sneakers! Uh… At your controls!

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