The fake trade rumor involving Riley Kidney

It’s not just in the NHL where trades – and rumors of trades – are aplenty right now. Nope! It is the off season also in the three circuits junior Canadian, including the QMJHL (where it’s also draft week).

Around 11:10 a.m. this morning, Drummondville journalist Jonathan Habashi (Journal Express) indicated that the Voltigeurs and the Titan had come to an agreement; a trade involving Canadian prospect Riley Kidney.

According to Habashi’s information at the time of writing his tweet, the Voltigeurs had just gotten their hands on Kidney and Jacob Melanson (the Kraken’s fifth-round pick in their first draft).

(Credit: Twitter/screenshot)

Several journalists took over Habashi’s information without verifying, trusting Habashi’s information.

However, JF Plante quickly denied this rumor…

And Habashi recanted.

What should we take away from all this?

1. Everyone can make a mistake. And that quickly react, then apologize to explain oneself is better than to engulf oneself. In short, assuming is always the best way to go.

2. That Riley Kidney would have gone much less unnoticed in a ” big “ market like that of Drummond, not too far from Montreal. It would also have allowed the CH management to see him more often.

3. Maybe there’s no smoke without fire. Firstthe Titan may be trying to sell big chunks secondthe Voltigeurs may really be in mode improve to aim high in 2022-23. If so, Kidney could be traded before the start of the next campaign.

4. That you should always be careful before releasing a scoop having only one source. At that time, worth better go get a second source or get your info out as a rumor.

5. That we will all have to be vigilant over the next two weeks on social networks. It is a fertile period for false rumors year after year.

Finally, Kidney is a second-round pick for the Canadiens in 2021 (63rd overall). He signed a three-year entry contract last May. Last season, he scored 100 points in 66 regular games – then 8 more in 8 playoff games – in Bathurst. If he is back in the QMJHL in 2022-23, he risks heating Joshua Roy, another choice of the Canadian, at the top of the scorers of the circuit.

Remember that Phillipe Boucher is the GM of the Voltigeurs and Steve Hartley, the coach chief. Pretty sure they have other things up their sleeve…

A lot of

– The Canadian has several choices for the draft this week.

– Russia and Belarus are suspended not for war/violencebut for fears at the level of the freedom of movement players.

– Sleeping at work, literally!

– COVID-19: Andre De Grasse had it difficult.

– How will this important file be concluded?

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