Top 5 antioxidants and their health benefits!

At the origin of aging and a large number of pathologies, free radicals are derivatives of oxygen which tend to attack our organism and make it vulnerable. On this, a particular light was put on antioxidant foods and their importance in the fight against threats destroying the immunity of our body. In this article, 5 best antioxidant foods for lifelong youth!

The 5 best foods rich in antioxidants.

To better balance your health and have a correct antioxidant status, it is important to maintain a rich diet. This is intended to prevent oxidative stress and allow the body to better deal with free radicals. Therefore, the foods richest in antioxidants are fruits, from the plant family, in addition to the flavors that come from herbs, which must be used in a balanced quantity.

Other categories of food are also to be taken into account. This is why it is important to always diversify your diet in order to find all the best nutrients and to face external aggressions. Since antioxidants complement and work together, here are the 5 foods that are richer in them.

We specify that this classification is set up according to the calculations of the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). It is a system which makes it possible to calculate the power of absorption and neutralization of radicals and at the same time to slow down their damage in the organism.

  1. chocolate powder

Preferably unsweetened, dark chocolate is packed with several overall health benefits. With its antioxidant power, it is a food that must be favored in its dishes and in a very balanced way in order to draw all the best nutrients from it. And according to the ORAC index, it represents 40,200 µmol TE/100 g.

  1. Fresh chestnut pollen

Food with a strong flavonoid presence, fresh pollen is a product that originates from the hive. In addition to its richness in flavonoids, essential oils, powerful organic compounds and phenolic compounds are widely represented within it. Consequently, its antioxidant power no longer needs to be demonstrated. This is also confirmed by its very high ORAC index of 30,200 µmol TE/100 g on average. It should be noted that it is a product that can be purchased in an organic store, at the frozen shelves or directly from a beekeeper.

  1. wild raspberry

With its many protective nutrients, the raspberry is of great help in the prevention against certain cancers or against cardiovascular diseases. This is the reason why during the summer, it is strongly advised to have a special raspberry cure. Its ORAC index is 19,220 µmol TE/100 g.

  1. Pecan nuts

Food with very important nutritional values, the pecan nut is rich in good fats, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Therefore, consuming it would be of great help against cardiovascular diseases. Its ORAC load would be 17,940 µmol TE/100 g. Needless to say that it is a food rich in antioxidants.

  1. Nuts

With its many virtues, the hazelnut has the real advantage of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and cancers. Its richness in antioxidants no longer needs to be demonstrated, hazelnuts delay aging. According to the ORAC index, the hazelnuts would be at 9,645 µmol TE/100 g. They can, however, be accompanied by several dishes such as salads, compotes or desserts.

However, as you can imagine, the list is far from exhaustive. We have carefully selected the top 5 to properly balance your diet and thus have the necessary intake of antioxidants. Therefore, it is important to note that these antioxidants cannot be stored by the body. This means that an express cure will not be the best option. Just get it in regular amounts through antioxidant foods and minimize dietary supplements, as these are not easily absorbed.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.

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