Rumor corner: Nazem Kadri is a man in demand

As the draft and the opening of the free agent market are fast approaching, rumors are flying from all sides. We are spoiled this year with several high-level free agents, even a few Stanley Cup champions.

The one getting the most attention is Colorado Avalanche forward Nazem Kadri, who blew up the scoring column last year and is expected to break the bank this summer.

Kadri in demand (almost) everywhere

Nazem Kadri impressed everyone this year with a season of 87 points in 71 games. Before this year, he had never reached this plateau. He always flirted with forty or fifty points per season and in the last two, he had not reached 40 points. He chose his time on Kadri well because his contract expires now and he will be able to shop for a huge salary.

According to Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet, expect a contract hovering around $8 million to $10 million a year. He goes on to say that the two teams that can afford Kadri at the maximum contract are the Kraken and the Bruins.

Yes, these two teams could afford Kadri, but some teams are willing to make sacrifices to acquire him which has already proven to be beneficial to a championship.

Elliotte Friedman and Nick Kypreos revealed their surprise squad in the Kadri derby during the Real Kyper & Bourne podcast. On the side of Friedman, he expects a contender team, but still surprising like the Washington Capitals. They could use Kadri to replace Backstrom if he doesn’t return.

For Kypreos, it’s the Coyotes who could surprise everyone. It would be their way of reminding their fans that even with a smaller arena, they don’t take themselves any less seriously.

The last destination discussed was Calgary, which would like to replace the probable loss of Johnny Gaudreau. The problem in this story is that Kadri once turned down a trade with the Flames when he was playing with the Leafs a few years ago.

No matter where Kadri signs, he will get a huge salary.

Johnny and Filip

Speaking of Johnny Gaudreau, you have to remember that he will probably become the most interesting free agent on the market. We say probably, because he could still sign with the Flames by July 13, but conversations seem to have stalled.

That’s not all either. Filip Forsberg will also be there, he who also plays as a left winger. While for Gaudreau, it’s still on the ice, Forsberg’s negotiations are not progressing much more.

According to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun, he believed a month ago that the signing would already be done today. Now he has much less hope that the two sides will find common ground.

Alex Debrincat would say goodbye to Chicago

The Blackhawks announced it during the season, it’s rebuilding time. On the other hand, the reconstruction is much more difficult when you have Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Alex Debrincat in your line-up.

The Hawks therefore want to trade big chunks and it starts with Alex Debrincat. This one could be traded this week, before the draft, to bring some interesting picks to the rebuilding Blackhawks.

The Flyers would take their reconstruction a step forward by trading their fifth pick for the star forward from Chicago, but nothing is confirmed yet. One thing is certain, the reaction of Toews and Kane will certainly be interesting, they who must treat Debrincat like a great friend in their locker room.

A lot of

– We will have to expect anything for the next repechage.

– It’s time for the QMJHL draft.

– It’s Artturi Lehkonen’s birthday.

– The big villain continues his ascent.

– Will we be entitled to a new defender in the front row?

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