Matt Murray reportedly turned down Buffalo trade

As I mentioned a few days ago, the goalie market will be very interesting to follow in the coming days. The names in the free agent market aren’t many, but combining those with those in the trade market, the carousel of goaltenders across the NHL will be one to watch. A bit like that of the coaches in the background.

So let’s talk about this carousel.

The Matt Murray experiment in Ottawa really didn’t work. It is for this reason that the Senators would actively try to trade him. The problem is the goalkeeper’s no-trade clause. This one can submit a list of 11 teams where he does not want to be traded.

So, according to the latest information from Elliotte Friedman, Murray would have used this clause to refuse a trade to the Buffalo Sabers, who are desperately looking for a goalkeeper. I don’t blame him; who wants to go play in Buffalo?

The trade would have brought another player/choice to the Sabres. Ottawa is trying to lighten its weight and getting rid of a $6.25 million contract for another two years is not easy. Choice 7 of the Senses would have passed to the Sabers and choice 16 of the Sabers, to the Senses.

Big aborted transaction, then.

The Cerberus is not only of interest to Sabers. Indeed, the Maple Leafs would also have the guard on their radar. According to Bruce Garrioch, Toronto is not on the list of teams that Murray does not want to be traded to.

Speaking of the Leafs, they would be very interested in signing Darcy Kuemper, who won’t sign in Colorado after all.

With the trade sending Bulgarian Alexandar Georgiev to the Avalanche, Joe Sakic no longer/never had the money to sign Kuemper.

With this trade, Colorado won’t speak until the sixth and seventh rounds in 2022, so scouts have been working in a vacuum all year. But hey, they have a Stanley Cup…

Coming back to Murray, the Coyotes and Blackhawks are also looking for a goaltender. Would they be interested in the Ottawa goaltender? If so, does he have both teams on his roster?

If one of the two (Kuemper or Murray) landed in the Queen City, what would happen to Jack Campbell, who is an unrestricted free agent? According to what Pierre LeBrun says, four known teams would be interested in offering him a contract.

The Oilers (obviously), Devils, Capitals and Red Wings are all interested. We shouldn’t rule out a team like the Sabers, Coyotes and Blackhawks who have (had) interest in Matt Murray.

And the Canadian in all this? Kent Hughes is not likely to put his nose in these files. He already has two good goalkeepers in his ranks and Carey Price’s contract will block him.

I’ve talked about a lot of goalies in this article, but I haven’t even mentioned Marc-Andre Fleury’s name yet. Kevin Weekes reported earlier today that he and the Wild have no agreement in place after reporting otherwise. We know that Bill Guerin will do everything possible to keep him and that if he was unable to do so, he will be active in the market for transactions and free agents.

With Georgiev’s transaction, the options for him are gradually diminishing.

A lot of

– Who will be the first choice?

– It’s brewing in Chicago.

– Big contract in prospect.

– The Avalanche are at work.

– Interesting.

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