Max Domi signed in Chicago to play for Luke Richardson

Several players have marked the fans of the Montreal Canadiens even after having worn the Bleu Blanc Rouge uniform for only a few seasons or even a few games.

One of these players who has probably marked several CH supporters (including me) is Max Domi.

Indeed, even though he only played two seasons with the Canadiens, Domi was one of the crowd’s favorite players during his time in Montreal.

We all remember his 2018-2019 season during which he scored 72 points, including 28 goals.

He had really impressed.

Unfortunately, Domi suffered a downturn the following season before being traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Josh Anderson and eventually moving to the Carolina Hurricanes at the trade deadline last season.

This summer, Domi became a free agent, and he decided to sign with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Why the Blackhawks? To find Luke Richardson, who was an assistant coach in Montreal when Domi was also there.

Indeed, Domi signed with the Blackhawks to join Luke Richardson, who had recently been hired as head coach of the Blackhawks.

Here’s what Domi explained in an interview with Blackhawks insider Charlie Roumeliotis.

“As soon as the Blackhawks hired Luke Richardson as head coach, I called my agent and told him I wanted to play in Chicago. He’s the main reason I wanted to play in Chicago. –Max Domi

The former number 13 of the CH explained that he had developed a solid relationship with Richardson when he was in Montreal.

Domi also claimed that many CH players loved Luke Richardson. We remember that the defenders wanted to do everything for him.

“He’s one of the most humble people I’ve met in hockey. He played for a long time and had great success as a player and as a coach. In Montreal, if you ask the defensemen, Shea Weber or even Carey Price, they all loved him. Luke is a person for whom we want to go to war every night. He is a person who shows a lot of respect for his players. We want to surround ourselves with this kind of person. He leads by example, no one has a bad word to say about him. –Max Domi

It’s quite impressive to see how well the former defenders’ coach scored a striker.

It really demonstrates that Richardson had a relationship with each of his players.

Domi added that Richardson knows what he can do and that he believes in him. That’s why he signed in Chicago.

“Luke knows what I’m capable of, he believes in me. It’s everything you dream of having as a relationship with a coach. No matter where he puts me in the lineup and with which players, I’m very excited to have this opportunity. –Max Domi

In short, we see more and more how important Luke Richardson was for CH and how much he was appreciated in the locker room.

We wish the best to Richardson and Domi in Chicago.

To learn more about Domi’s remarks, I relay the RDS article here, as well as the link to Domi’s full interview with Charlie Roumeliotis here.

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