Saga Ivan Fedotov: the hope of the Flyers would have been poisoned in Russia

Since yesterday, the completely crazy story of the hope of the Philadelphia Flyers, Ivan Fedotov, has been around the world.

My colleague Vincent Fournier painted the story yesterday.

Fedotov had informed his KHL team, CSKA Moscow, that he wanted to leave Russia to play in America after signing a one-year, $925,000 contract with the Flyers.

It was for these reasons that the police started looking for Fedotov.

The Flyers’ 2015 seventh-round pick (188th overall) was subsequently arrested yesterday as he tried to escape military service to join the Flyers to play in the National Hockey League.

After his arrest, Fedotov was sent to an enlistment office in the St. Petersburg region. It was in this office that his state of health began to deteriorate and he was reportedly sent to a hospital.

Well, we learned that Fedotov was allegedly poisoned.

Namely that poisonings of the kind are quite common in Russia. It is a tactic used to muzzle and/intimidate political opponents.

Here are the words of his lawyer, Alexei Ponomarev.

“Right now, we can’t say exactly how things are going. He was in the hospital, but for some reason he wasn’t listed like the other patients. Neither we nor his parents were allowed to see him.

Recently, the military police entered the territory of the hospital. I introduced myself to them, said I was a lawyer and asked what problem they had come for. They turned around, got into the car, and made no further comment until they entered the hospital grounds. – Alexei Ponomarev

The Flyers are very concerned that Fedotov’s health is deteriorating further.

“Judging by the last contact with him, he is not feeling very well. He says he was given some kind of injection, which he doesn’t know about. He was told it was prescribed by a doctor. He doesn’t look very well. I can’t compare with yesterday’s condition, but he looks like a typical patient. – Alexei Ponomarev

Fedotov’s lawyer adds to this.

“As far as I know they are claiming he is in serious condition to transfer him to some sort of military investigative body, while he is arguing as best he can that it is not necessary . Events are developing rapidly. »

“Information about his presence there was concealed in every way possible, despite the fact that he had a phone and had informed his relatives of his location. Employees of the military commissariat were informed that a complaint had been filed with the court and that the decision had been suspended. The court must decide the question, but the conscription procedure has been violated; it is strictly described in the law. – Alexei Ponomarev

It’s really a crazy story that degenerated very quickly. Indeed, Fedotov could now be sent to Ukraine.

Fedotov was sent to a military town in northern Russia, more than 1,350 kilometers from Saint Petersburg.

It remains to be seen now whether Fedotov will be able to join the Flyers for training camp in September, but so far it’s not looking good.

Moreover, it is not only Fedotov who may not be able to reach America.

Indeed, as mentioned in the article by my colleague Félix Forget, Russia could prevent Russian NHL players from joining their respective teams in America at the end of the summer.

We can think, among others, of CH players Evgenii Dadonov and Alexander Romanov.

In short, it really does not improve between the NHL and Russia.

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– To be continued.

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