Heavy in a Sentence and Meaning, Sentences with Heavy

heavy example sentences. Heavy in a sentence | It is heavy to carry. The air was so heavy. He was heavy but he. It seemed a bit heavy. · The load is too heavy

We employ a variety of phrases in English to communicate ourselves effectively in everyday situations. Although we are unaware of the grammatical identities of the words we use, these are the ones we pronounce differently when we use them.

In everyday life, we use many styles while presenting information to another person, expressing our own sentiments and thoughts, or forming enthusiastic words. There may be a huge number of terms that appear often in various sentences.

Sentences with Heavy

  • This fruit is very heavy.
  • They were delayed by the heavy traffic.
  • There are very heavy living conditions.
  • Excuse me, Can you help me with this heavy baggage?

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How to use the word heavy in English.

In this English lesson this lesson will be about the word heavy which means heavy in Arabic, where we will touch on how to use the word heavy in English, with many and varied examples in the form of sentences.

This word has many meanings determined by the context of the sentence and heavy in most cases is the adjective Adjective, which is often related to weight and weight, and is in various forms of meaning according to the general context of the sentence, as can be the adverb adverb and in other cases the name Noun important This word is interdisciplinary, we will now give a set of examples of all the cases we have mentioned.

Heavy uses the Adverb adverb adverb in some cases for example

The decision weighs Heavy on my mind.

The meaning of this sentence is that you are thinking hard about making a fateful decision, but you are still somewhat hesitant, but with a lot of thinking, the step of making the Egyptian decision began to grow in your mind and began to approach making it. The decision weighs heavily on my mind.

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