How to use Instagram without account

Instagram is a great social networking platform, allowing communication with the world via smart devices, viewing photos, videos and wireless, helping to create interaction with the public, everything the user needs is a username and good content to get people to follow, and instagram is now not only an entertainment app, but a source of livelihood for many people, but what if you don’t want to use the basic app “Do An Account” and at the same time want to see what your favorite celebrities have posted on it? In this article we’ll show 3 ways about how to use Instagram without an account, and watch a person’s profile or story, but you should know that these methods will only allow you to view public accounts.

Instagram browsing without account

When you try to use the official Instagram platform to view someone’s profile, the login page asking you to sign in with your phone number, username, or email will appear, yet you can bypass that and view someone’s profile without having an Instagram account in one of the following ways:

The first way.

This method is to use Instagram without account using the official Instagram app site, which is easy to use and does not need an account, but you should remember several things before using this method:

  • You can only view a particular account at the same time, so you must have the profile username you want to see.
  • You can only see a public account.
  • Through this way you can’t watch stories.
  • You can’t click the post to enlarge it.
  • Likes, comments, and annotations cannot be displayed on a publication.
  • This method can only be used through the web browser.

Now here’s how to use Instagram without an account using the official Instagram site to view someone’s profile:

Open the web browser on your computer.
Enter the URL of the profile you want to see in the address bar, which looks like:, for example, if you’re looking for ahmedkhled, you should type in the address bar
Click on Enter and you’ll be able to scroll through that person’s profile.

As mentioned above, you can only scroll through a person’s profile, and if you click a photo, Instagram will ask you to sign in to view it.

The second way.

You can also use Instagram without an account by using third-party sites, in the first way you can view the profile of the person you want, without viewing individual posts, likes and comments, but if you want to see the user’s individual publications, you can use third-party websites.

There are many third-party sites to choose from, the most famous of which are: Anon IG Viewer, ImgInn, Dumpor, etc., and we will choose one of them and explain its steps, imgInn:

  • Open the web browser on your phone or computer.
  • Go to the official ImgInn website.
  • Find the profile you want to view.
  • Press the magnifying glass icon
  • You’ll get a list of multiple users, select the profile you want to view.
  • You can then scroll through its profile, view each publication by clicking on it, and this method also lets you remove posts by clicking the “Download” button below the publication.
Method 3

In this way of how to use Instagram without an account to view Instagram stories using third-party sites, which specifically allows you to view someone’s Instagram stories without having to create an account to do so, there are third-party websites that you can use to view user stories, most notably Storiesdown, a great third-party site that can help you view someone’s stories on Instagram and here’s how to use them:

  • Open your web browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Go to storiesdown’s official website.
  • Type the username in the search box.
  • Click on the search option. 
  • Scroll down and you can view user stories.

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