opposite of partition

partition is the opposite of ?

The word partition is an English word that means “to separate or divide.” The word partition is the opposite of the word unite.

opposite of partition

  1. amalgamation
  2. junction
  3. coalition
  4. confederation
  5. connection
  6. alliance uniting
  7. integration
  8. coupling
  9. fusing
  10. merging
  11. marriage
  12. release
  13. joining
  14. coalescence
  15. promotion
  16. unity
  17. whole
  18. merger
  19. combination
  20. fusion federation
  21. consolidation

Example of partition in sentences;

  • Only a thin partition divides the room.
  • This partition separates the two rooms.
  • The partition wall has disappeared.
  • The workers partition a room into three parts.

Explain the meaning of Partition.

A partition is a means of dividing a large space into smaller spaces. It may refer to the division between two rooms in a building, or it may refer to the division between two nations or regions.

It can also be used as a verb to describe splitting up a company’s assets in order to minimize risk.

One of the most common partitions is dividing one room into two separate rooms, each with its own purpose and utility.

Other common partitions are dividing an office into cubicle offices, creating separate conference rooms, and creating offices for different departments within the same business.

A partition can also be used to limit access within an area, such as limiting access to employees to specific areas of a building instead of having shared doors that everyone knows and uses.

A partition can also be used to divide territory between two warring factions, such as when Japan and China both claimed control over Korea during World War II. The partition was internationally recognized by the United Nations after World War II ended, but it has never been fully implemented because both countries have historically been hostile toward each other.

Partitions can also be used for privacy or security purposes.

For example, you might want a partition between your bedroom and your roommate’s bedroom so that no one can see inside your bedroom from his or her bedroom. You might also want a partition between your kitchen and living room so that no one can see what you’re

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