what is opposite brown on the color wheel

If you’ve ever studied color theory, you know that colors have opposite colors on the color wheel. For example: red and green are opposites because they are directly across from each other. But what does that mean? What is opposite of brown on the color wheel?

Your understanding of how colors work together will determine how you answer this question. If you think of colors as archetypes rather than a combination of wavelengths, then the opposite of brown would be blue-green or possibly yellow-orange. However, if you think about colors as pigments with different proportions of red, blue, and green light, then the opposite of brown is probably purple.
For now, let’s focus on red and green as opposites in terms of location on the color wheel. As we learned in our article about primary colors , red and green are called complementary colors because when combined they produce neutral grey instead of an orange or a yellow.

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